About me...

My name is Ssebuuma Ivan and I started my photography journey in 2015 as Fashion Photographer. Used my first year to build the skill and in 2016 i was able to break through as one of Uganda’s top Fashion photographer. 

In 2016 i took on different projects including Kigali, Fashion week, Bujumbura fashion week as the official photographer, second photographer for Miss tourism Uganda and in 2017 i became the main photographer for the same pageant up to 2018.

Over the years, i worked with a number of fashion brands in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda till 2019 when I switched to travel photography.

Photography for Conservation

Conservation photography is creating images that would effect change and ensuring that those images do effect change. I have got to make sure that the images get to the people they speak too. You can never win a conservation fight without photography because people have got to see what your talking about. Through photography we are able to shine a light on the hidden things that are eating up our community and the world around us.

Nature Photography will show a beautiful antelope running in the savannah but conservation photography will show the dangers awaiting this antelope. When I see an elephant killed I don’t stop to griff the elephant. My job is to make images that stop us from killing more elephant and other species

SOME OF MY clients..

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